JCCO PIPE pays 10000 for one leak in the pipeline

Juncheng Pipeline, as the establishment unit of several national steel pipe standards, implements ISO9000, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 international management system certification, and is determined to create a green and low-carbon working and living environment. Juncheng Pipeline has always pursued the mission of delivering safety and cleanliness to thousands of households.

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Many famous brand enterprises stabilize suppliers

Juncheng brand series pipelines have become China gas, China Resources gas, Hong Kong and China gas, new Austria energy, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Railway, China Construction, China nuclear construction, national grid, Vanke Real estate, rongchuang real estate, Biguiyuan, Evergrande real estate, Wuhan Zhengzhou, Hangzhou and Xiamen, etc.

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JCCO·Pursuit of excellence

Made in China, top 500 private enterprises

The group company always adheres to the management philosophy of "friends all over the world, integrity and win-win" and the business tenet of "serving customers, happy employees, contributing to the society and repaying shareholders". It is willing to make unremitting efforts to work hard for the dream and contribute to the realization of green nature and human happiness!

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About Us

Build a century-old pipeline brand around the world

Juncheng Chengye Group is one of the top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China, which manufactures and operates Juncheng brand-name steel pipes, steel pipe scaffolds for construction and new energy photovoltaic structural supports. Headquartered in Beijing, Juncheng has five production plants in Tianjin, Shandong and Inner Mongolia. The total area of the group company is nearly 800 mu, and the total assets are more than 3 billion yuan. Juncheng strives to develop and manufacture high-quality products and is committed to delivering safety and cleanliness to thousands of households.


2010 year

Juncheng Industry was founded in 2010.

500 strong

Top 500 manufacturing enterprises in China

5 million tons

The production capacity is over 5 million tons.

Product Center

Spiral steel pipe

Spiral steel pipe standard name is "spiral seam double-side submerged arc welded steel pipe", is the use of hot rolled steel strip as pipe billet, at room temperature through spiral molding, spiral seam automatic submerged arc welding method welding, the inside and outside should have a submerged arc welding seam.

Seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe is a kind of long steel with a hollow section and no joints around it. It is made of steel ingot or solid tube billet by perforation into capillary, and then by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold dialing made. The steel pipe has a hollow section and is widely used for conveying fluids, such as oil, natural gas, gas, water and some solid materials, etc. Seamless steel pipe and round steel and other solid steel, in the bending and torsional strength of the same, lighter weight, is a kind of economic section of steel, widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, automobile drive shaft, etc. Seamless steel pipe or a variety of conventional weapons indispensable materials, barrel, barrel and so on mostly with seamless steel pipe to manufacture.

Oil casing

Oil casing is mainly used to support the well wall during drilling and after completion, so as to ensure the normal operation of the drilling process and the whole well after completion, and it is the lifeline to maintain the operation of the oil well. Due to different geological conditions, complex downhole stress state, tensile, compression, bending and torsional stresses on the pipe body, so the quality of oil casing itself is higher. The casing itself is also required to be corrosion resistant in corrosive environments. In complex geological conditions, casing is also required to have anti-crush performance. Casing can be divided into: conduit, surface casing, technical casing and reservoir casing.

Cold rolled sheet

Carbon structural steel cold rolled sheet and strip short for, also known as tin substrate, cold plate, is carbon structural steel hot rolled strip, after further cold rolling made. Cold plate surface is clean, thinner thickness, higher precision, annealing, its mechanical and technological performance is better, widely used in metal packaging, automotive, building materials, home appliances and other industries. Usually delivery is in roll form.

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Engineering case

Juncheng pipeline is the first industry to build “Key projects for special, leakage of a loss of 10,000”industrial manufacturing enterprises

News and information

The company releases authoritative information and focuses on media reports

Quality Control

We Go all out from each link to meet the needs of customers service

Raw Material Warranty

Raw Material Warranty

The company’s steel pipe manufacturing raw materials from Shougang, Baotou Steel, Xintian Steel...

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Process control

Process control

Juncheng pipeline JCCO —— build “China TQC more strict pipeline”, product through 219 inspection link control product quality.

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Product testing

Product testing

Juncheng pipeline as a number of national steel pipe standard-setting units, the implementation of ISO9000, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 ...

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After-sale service

After-sale service

To create a higher quality steel pipe industry commitment “Juncheng national standard pipeline leakage compensation 10,000.”.

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