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  | Juncheng National Standard Pipeline, a loss of 10,000“Commitment to meet the five elements

 (1) the client shall submit a formal written “Quality objection”, which shall clearly describe the quality problems arising, and provide the scene of the installation of the leakage of video data (warm tips: video data should be taken continuously, and video data should include the pipeline leak location and the product batch number of the pipeline information) ;

(2) after receiving the “Quality objection”from the client, the quality inspection and Supervision Department shall check whether it is a juncheng dedicated pipeline and ascertain the corresponding production batch and relevant information;

(3) The Quality Inspection and Supervision Department shall arrange the quality inspection personnel or personnel of other departments to verify on-the-spot whether the problem belongs to the product quality;

(4) In case of confirmed product quality problems, the customer shall provide the public account number and issue a formal invoice;

(5) to fulfill the promise within 72 hours (except holidays) upon receipt of the customer’s official invoice.


 || Special case solution

(1) if the product is found to have quality problems before use or installation, friendly consultation shall be conducted and the product shall be replaced;

(2) the leakage quality problem caused by the connection processing of the two ends of the product, such as the pressing groove and the turning thread, is not covered by the compensation of “10,000 for each missing branch”.


 ||| Eight key points of investigation and verification on quality problems of Juncheng special pipeline

(1) The wall thickness of the pipeline must be within the range of the wall thickness of Juncheng special pipeline;

(2) the leakage of the pipeline causes damage to the pipe body;

(3) the pipeline shall be constructed in accordance with the relevant national standards when it is installed on the site for threading, grooving and bending operations;

(4) causes of leakage of non-pipe fittings at the connecting part of the pipeline;

Test pressure and service pressure must be within the low pressure range stipulated by the state;

Steel pipes shall be used in the prescribed service environment, and shall not be used in acidic, alkaline, high-salt, strong humid environment;

(7) the medium for pipeline transportation shall not be corrosive fluids such as acids and alkalis;

(8) the freezing and cracking of pipelines due to fluid freezing in the pipelines under harsh and low temperature environments is not a product quality issue.
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