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Tianjin Guanghui Square Moment Pipe Industry Technology Co., Ltd

Tianjin Guanghui Square Moment Pipe Industry Technology Co., Ltd

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Tianjin Guanghui Square Pipe Technology Co., Ltd. is located in China's welded pipe base, Daqiuzhuang Town, Tianjin Jinghai District, 10 billion Industrial Park, is a professional production of square and welded pipe enterprises. The company has more than 160 employees, including 32 professional and technical personnel. The company has 6 advanced production lines, the annual designed production capacity of 400,000 tons. The company has convenient transportation, 5 kilometers from Tangjin Expressway, 12 kilometers from Jincang Expressway, 15 kilometers from Rongwu Expressway, and 50 kilometers from Tianjin Port. The company always adhere to the people-oriented, strengthen internal management, products are widely used in water, sewage, gas, air, heating steam and other low-pressure fluid conveying, fire and support, greenhouse and other structural pipe and engineering thread pipe, as well as exported to the global market pipe.


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