Product introduction

3 PE anticorrosive pipe

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Scope of application


PE / 2, 3 PE steel pipe anticorrosion is petroleum, chemical industry, water supply and drainage, mines long-distance transport oil, gas, water, pulp, the most commonly used anti-corrosion technology, belong to heavy anti-corrosion series, the design use fixed number of year for 30 years, its technological characteristics: the last time in automatic production line complete steel pipe derusting, heating, epoxy powder coating, rubber, and PE coated layer. The main advantage is that the production speed is fast, the product quality is stable, because it is continuous operation, thereby reducing the possibility of secondary oxidation after steel tube derusting. The performance of anti-corrosion is improved. 3PE/2PE layer is made of high-quality polyethylene special raw material, which has good mechanical strength and superior performance. It can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -40℃ -50 ℃ and various geological conditions. In addition, it is also widely used in: underground coal mine water supply and drainage, underground spraying, positive and negative pressure ventilation, gas drainage, fire sprinkler and other pipe network; Heat and power plant process water waste residue, backwater pipeline, etc.


Execution standard


Technical Standard for Polyethylene Anticorrosive Coating for Buried Steel Pipes SY/T0413-2002


Technical indicators


Performance index of anticorrosion coating



Peel strength(N/cm)(20℃±10℃)

≥100(Cohesion failure)

Peel strength(N/cm)(50℃±5℃)

≥70(Cohesion failure)

Cathodic disbonding(65℃/48h)(mm)


Cathodic disbonding(50℃或70℃/30d)a(mm)


Curing degree of epoxy powder(%)


Curing degree of epoxy powder|△Tg|(℃)


The impact strength(J/mm)


Resistance to bending(-30℃/2.5°)

No crack

Note: The experimental condition of A is 50℃ for normal temperature type and 70℃ for high temperature type