Product introduction

Seamless steel pipe

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Product introduction


Seamless steel pipe is a kind of long steel with a hollow section and no joints around it. It is made of steel ingot or solid tube billet by perforation into capillary, and then by hot rolling, cold rolling or cold dialing made. The steel pipe has a hollow section and is widely used for conveying fluids, such as oil, natural gas, gas, water and some solid materials, etc. Seamless steel pipe and round steel and other solid steel, in the bending and torsional strength of the same, lighter weight, is a kind of economic section of steel, widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, automobile drive shaft, etc. Seamless steel pipe or a variety of conventional weapons indispensable materials, barrel, barrel and so on mostly with seamless steel pipe to manufacture.


Execution standard


Seamless steel tubes for general construction :(GB/T8162-2008)

Seamless steel tubes for fluid conveying :(GB/T8163-2008)

Seamless steel tubes for low and medium pressure boilers :(GB/T3087-2008)

Seamless steel tubes for high pressure boilers :(GB/T5310-2008)

Seamless steel tube for chemical fertilizer :(GB/T6479-2000)

Seamless steel tubes for petroleum cracking :(GB/T9948-2006)

Special Pipe for Ships :(GB/T5312-1998)


Production process







There are three kinds of steel pipe packing: strapping, packing, oil strapping or oil packing.

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