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Plastic coated composite pipe

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Product introduction

"Juncheng brand" coated plastic composite pipe is a new type of composite pipe, which is made of steel pipe as matrix, through special technology, melt spraying or adsorption of EP or PE raw materials on the inner wall, outer wall or inner and outer wall, and after high temperature curing. The product has excellent corrosion resistance, while the coating itself also has good electrical insulation, will not produce electrical corrosion. The product has the advantages of low water absorption, high mechanical strength and small friction coefficient, which can achieve the purpose of long-term use and effectively prevent the damage of plant roots and soil environmental stress. The product is convenient to connect and easy to maintain. The product can be used in building water supply and drainage, water supply enterprises, residential areas of cold and hot water transportation, fire sprinkler, HVAC, gas, petroleum, chemical anti-corrosion, buried inside and outside anti-corrosion, cable internal and external anti-corrosion, desulfurization anti-corrosion, anti-static flame retardant anti-corrosion and other fluid transportation.

Specifications: DN15-DN1800mm plastic coated composite pipe

Application: it can be used for conveying cold and hot water in building water supply enterprises and residential areas, fire sprinkler, heating and ventilation, gas, petroleum, chemical anti-corrosion, internal and external anti-corrosion, desulfurization and anti-corrosion, anti-static flame retardant and anti-corrosion and other fluid transportation.


Execution standard



Connection methods



Transport packaging

When packing the plastic coated composite pipe, the flange or end of the pipe should be installed with effective sealing, and the outer surface of the pipe should be wrapped with soft materials such as glass fiber cloth. In the storage should be stacked in the shade, and away from heat, fire, can not be stacked in the outdoor direct sunlight and cold places. Not to be mixed with toxic and harmful substances. In the process of loading, appropriate effective measures should be taken to avoid damage to the coating. In the process of transportation, it should not be broken or violently hit.


Problem solving

The pipes used to transport hot water can transport cold water, but the pipes used to transport cold water cannot transport hot water, and the same pipe shall not be used alternately for cold and hot water. Ex-factory goods should have all kinds of prescribed marks, technical performance, hygiene performance, test report, health permit approval document number, product manual, packaging label or delivery note, quality certificate, quality guarantee, if the product quality problems are found, users can contact with the distribution agents or directly contact our factory.

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