Product introduction

Plastic lined composite pipe

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Product introduction


Plastic-lined composite pipe is a steel-plastic composite product with galvanized steel pipe as the base pipe and a layer of plastic anti-corrosion layer bonded on its inner surface. Company according to the Chinese national standard GB/T28897-2012 production of plastic lined composite pipe is divided into cold water pipe and hot water pipe two kinds, cold water with plastic lined composite pipe service temperature is generally not more than 45℃; The use temperature of plastic composite pipe for hot water is generally not more than 80℃. The same pipe shall not be used alternately for hot and cold water. According to the test, lining the inner wall of plastic composite pipe service life for galvanized pipe more than 3 times. Compared with the plastic pipe, it has the advantages of high mechanical strength, good pressure resistance and good heat resistance. Because the matrix is steel tube, so there is no embrittlement, aging problems, can be widely used in water, gas, fire chemical products and other fluid transportation and heating engineering, is the upgrading of galvanized pipe products. Because its installation and use method, the pipe fitting form and the traditional galvanized pipe are basically the same, and can replace the aluminum-plastic compound pipe to play a role in the transportation of large caliber tap water, it is welcomed by users, and has become one of the most competitive new products in the pipeline market.

Specifications: DN15-DN500mm lined plastic composite pipe

Uses: For drinking water supply and other fluid transport


Execution standard




Production process




Connection methods



Transport packaging


Lined plastic composite pipe should not be thrown or violent impact, the application of nylon belt hoisting, and should be stored indoors or stacked in the shade, away from heat source, fire, shall not be stacked in the outdoor direct sunlight and cold places for a long time, open storage with awning cover. When storing small caliber pipes for a long time, avoid rain and pay attention to high temperature ventilation.


Problem solving


When cutting off, the sawing machine, lathe, hand saw and other tools should be used. It is not allowed to use high-speed grinder cutting, or use sleeve wire machine extrusion cutting and gas cutting, to avoid high temperature and strong extrusion when cutting, so that the plastic layer melting and deformation, after cutting, the need to use scraper to repair the steel pipe. When cutting pipe fittings, ensure that the end face is perpendicular to the pipe body, remove port burr, remove oil, water and chips, chamfer 1/2 the thickness of the plastic layer, and chamfer the slope of 10-15 degrees. Wrap the thread. After adopting reliable anti-corrosion measures, the buried plastic composite pipe should be buried below the freezing line. In the case of outdoor exposure or indoor possible freezing, anti-freezing measures should be adopted.